Our mission:
The true taste of fruit juices

  • Our juices are made only from fruits.
  • They contain only fruit juice with no added water.
  • Our juices are made on the very day the fruit has been plucked from the tree or bush.
  • We are not making juices for the sake of juice-making, but because this is the way to preserve most fully the quality of the fruits.
  • We use no preservatives or sweeteners - such is the true Bulgarian tradition.
  • We use pasteurization for bottling - only thus can fruits' qualities be preserved without harming our health.
  • And finally, we got rid of all technological processes whose aim was to turn juice manufacturing into an industry at the expense of quality.

We manufacture juices for you as you would for your children!

Our products

  • KORONA Aronia


    100% pure aronia juice

  • KORONA Aronia Raspberry

    Aronia Raspberry

    Aronia and raspberry juice

  • Aronia Freshness Blackberry


    100% pure apricot, blackberry or morello juice

  • Сушена и мляна арония

    Dried and ground aronia

    Dried 100% organic aronia – whole or ground

Organic manufacture

  • EU Agriculture

  • Austria Bio Garantie

Our products are manufactured according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 under the supervision of Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (AT-BIO-301, accredited under the EN 45011 standard), which is represented in Bulgaria by Austria Bio Garanti Bulgaria (BG-BIO-16).

What makes our products different?

  • Unique Bulgarian nature

    All our products are manufactured only from Bulgarian fruits. And the combination of 5½ h of daily sunshine on average ensures their superb sweetness and unrivalled nutritional value.

  • Proprietary technology

    Developed on our own, our technology allows us to extract every last drop of juice from the fresh fruits, while at the same time preserving their valuable vitamins, minerals and fibers.

  • For every taste

    Regardless of whether you seek the nutritional benefits of Bulgarian nature or just refreshment, rest assured – you can find it all here. And if you wish for something unique – let us make it for you.

Do you like our products?

If you have any questions, would like to order or wish to distribute our products, please get in touch with us by using the information on the right.

Phone: +359 876 228 037
Email: office@saturn13.eu